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3 Essentials Of Leadership


Most people in leadership positions I encounter are not leaders. They are managers. This is not to say they are bad at their job. Some are in fact quite good. Problem is that while they help sh*t run well, they don’t grow. They don’t grow themselves and they don’t grow their organization. I’ve experienced this […]

Thank Your BOE President!

Board of Education

While Presidents’ Day is reserved for honoring and celebrating our American presidents, I can’t help but think about local board of education presidents today as well. Like any elected officials, some you love, some you loathe, but most deserve credit for the time they put in to make sure the best is being done for […]

The Unlearning Leader: Leading for Tomorrow’s Schools Today – NEW BOOK!


Chapter 1:UnlearningConnectionChapter 2:UnlearningPlanning and the Change ProcessChapter 3:Unlearning“That’s the Way We Have Always Done it”Chapter 4:UnlearningFear of Social MediaChapter 5:UnlearningProfessional DevelopmentChapter 6:UnlearningLeadership Reprinted with permission from the Board Savvy Superintendent Blog Doug Eadie•November 30, 2016• The podcast that Mike and Nick have recorded forwww.boardsavvysuperintendent.comprovides a great introduction to a powerful new book that you’ll want […]

Successful Schools: Time Analysis

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The strategic use of time supports good teaching? How is time used where you teach and learn? Who has ample time for planning and collaboration, and who has insufficient time in that regard? Does the use of time match professional expectations? To better efforts, is it advantageous to audit the use of time in school […]

4 Rules For Making Teamwork Work

Leaders such as a teachers, administrators, coaches, and supervisors are tasked with developing effective and efficient practices to increase the performance of the individuals they lead and their organization’s prestige. While there are many practices that lead to improvement, there is one that is vital to the very survival of any group or organization: Collaboration. […]

Write It Down. Or Perish.


For Remembrance’s Sake: Write It Down. Did you ever have a great idea pop in your head and it was so good that you knew you’d remember it no matter what? The story probably went something like this: Seemingly out of nowhere a great idea popped in your head. You went about your day as […]

Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life


We are in the educational 4th quarter all! I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head. Some days in the spring I start to feel like this….. So how do we find the point that supports that balance we […]

Leading from the Edge


Many people like to live life in the center, choosing to stay away from the unfamiliar or the extreme. There is something about being in the mainstream, and going with the flow that feels “nice.” There is a certain comfort afforded with this perspective. However, what begins to develop over time, especially in organizations, is […]

Leadership Imperatives For Today’s School Leader


As leaders we aspire to achieve for the sake of our kids, teachers, and parents; seeking to elevate others along the way. As we embark on another year, our challenge is to continue to refine our practice as reflective leaders, so we increase in effectiveness. I would suggest that there are 7 Leadership Imperatives that […]

The Rocking Chair: A Leadership Reboot

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In August of 2015, I summited the 13,770 foot Grand Teton. I had attempted the climb over 12 years before, but was turned back because of weather and it remained an unmet personal goal over the years. Thanks to a push from my cousin last winter, we decided we were going to attempt the “Grand” […]