Summer Break: Why Can’t Kids Retain Information?

kid not listening

There is something seriously wrong with the ability for our children to retain information. The decline has been swift and severe in just the past decade. Perhaps they are not listening. Perhaps they don’t see any reason for listening…or remembering. Perhaps they are surrounded by distractions – peers, technology, drama. Perhaps there is something in […]

Success Is Not About What You Know


Success is less about what you know now and more about how quickly and effectively you can learn and use new information. This is the most important thing I learned in my 15 years or teaching and mentoring teens. Success depends on skills. Build up a skill set and help others do the same and […]

Why Students Learn Better When They Teach (+ 4 Activities)


When You Teach Something You Get To Learn It Twice – Jim Kwik Cameron, a former student of mine,who is now in college, commented on my recent post about efficient and effective learning titled Too Much What, Not Enough How. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: As a student who graduated with a GPA well […]

How To Cram Better: What We Don’t Teach In School


Learning is like playing the blues. If you wanna get really good at it and be able to improvise, you must practice playing the blues a lot. You must also understand it. The scales, the chord progressions, the beats, the turnaround, the stories,the mood; the “how to blues.” If you wanna get really good at […]

Why We Need to Stop Telling Kids to Think Outside the Box


Tripping on ‘shrooms in Prague once I stopped by an art gallery window and saw it. It was an orange dog; the tiniest of canines. A stain of fluorescent orange paint in the bottom right corner of a sizable painting of some natural scenery. I remember the grass, the trees, and the people in it […]

10 Secrets To Learning Anything


Remember the story of Icarus? Here’s my take… Icarus died, because his father Daedalus was a bad teacher. The youngster flew too close to the sun, causing the wax binding his wings to melt and his body experience terminal velocity before it hit the sea. But his father warned him! you may be thinking. He […]

5 Steps To Better Memory And Understanding


Practice makes permanent. This is what we’ve become conditioned to say in recent years. It’s a true statement no doubt, but what kind of practice are we talking about? And, how do we teach our students to practice to attain better memory, understanding, and ultimately deeper learning? Here’s the method I use: 1. Get Good […]

I’m Pretty Weird, But The Universe Is Big Enough For All Of Us


I was a weird child. Once in second grade, I wore underwear to school thinking they were shorts. I remember that red pair of underwear. Rubber band drawn through waist. White numbers figuring prominently. Swag. As an adult, I am still weird. In an adult sort of a way. I mean, I don’t wear just […]

Evoke Emotions To Help Students Learn


As the students were working on their bell ringer today (recalling radioactive decay equations), I stood in the middle of class and read the following to them: He was the only person making his way into the city; he met hundreds and hundreds who were fleeing, and every one of them seemed to be hurt […]

The Journey to Transform Learning Starts Here


Leadership Arguably, the most significant role of an educational leader is communicatinga compelling vision for learning in the classroom and throughout the organization – school or district. I keep coming back to this quote from the recent book, Illuminate, by Duarte & Sanchez whenever I think of the influence a leader has over the vision […]

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