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Enjoyment: The Forgotten Lesson Plan Component

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I once taught in a school wher we had to use a standardized lesson plan template that was a helpful guide, but was pretty limited to just the basics. What was missing from that lesson plan template—and indeed from any lesson plan template that I have ever seen–is a section devoted to adding in enjoyment. […]

How to Handle Classroom Management Like a Referee

As I was watching my favorite hockey team the other day, I noticed something that struck me during one of the brawls that (for whatever reason) still occur in the almost every game. I was amazed as the guy wearing the black and white striped shirt held two huge athletes at bay and got them […]

3 Ways to End the School Year Strong

It’s almost here! As the days grow longer, the students in your classroom get more volatile, and the smell of Summer break is in the air, I want you to STOP. Right now, as you decide not to finish that lesson plan and just playKahootwith your studentstomorrow, I want you to consider the opportunity being […]

Evoke Emotions To Help Students Learn


As the students were working on their bell ringer today (recalling radioactive decay equations), I stood in the middle of class and read the following to them: He was the only person making his way into the city; he met hundreds and hundreds who were fleeing, and every one of them seemed to be hurt […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #2 Find A Source of Dramatic Tension

A good story often containssome kind of dramatic tension. We see freedom and oppression play out in Cinderella. We see the idea ofknown and unknownworlds play out in Jack and The Beanstalk. We see safety and danger play out in Hantzel and Gretel.Dramatic tension is not only the stuff of children’s stories, myths, or fairytales […]

How To Make Your Teaching Meaningful And Memorable

A second post title: Evoke Feelings for Fractions, Photosynthesis, & Forces. Some people might find it odd to read feelings and fractions in the same sentence. The truth is, we don’t talk much about feelings in education. When we do, our discussion tends to focus on the social and emotional needs of students rather than […]

If you give a student a worksheet


Children’sauthor, Laura Numeroff is famous for her “If you give…” series of children’s books. Each one demonstrates the relationship between cause and effect. Her books fabulously illustrate thepractice of strategic thinking.There are obviously many factors to consider before giving a mouse acookie or a pig a pancake. The same is true for educators —there are […]

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