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Lessons From The Geese Revisited, Leadership And Life


I’ve been hearing geese honking all day.It seemed last night that they were louder than usual. Since moving by the river, I expected to hear the rapids, but I certainly didn’t think I would be sitting reading, hearing geese honking. I’m never sure whether they are flying back and forth to the duck ponds across […]

Top 10 Things I Learned from Being a Principal for Seven Weeks

principals office door

For seven weeks, I was an interim, elementary principal in one of my district’s elementary schools. It was an opportunity and experience that was invaluable. When I began I was nervous and full of anxiety, but when I ended, I had wonderful memories, great new relationships, and a very real and meaningful learning experience. So […]

The Power of Personal and Professional Evaluation


Teachers use the end of the year as a time for reflection and evaluation. What worked well in my class this past year? What didn’t? What lessons need to be tweaked? What progress did my students make? These are all great questions to ask and play an important role in the growth process of educators; […]

What the Teacher Learned from the Class of 2015


The focus in education is typically on student learning, but I learn and grow each year just as much if not more than my students. Here are my top five take aways this year: School has taken a lot of fun out of learning. Have you ever watched a young child when he or she […]

Stuck in an Elevator with Bill Gates


Just me and him. Alone in an elevator on a long ride to the top floor. I’ve dreamed of this for quite some time, but even so, my hands are sticky and my mouth is dry. Will I have the guts to say what I’ve rehearsed in my mind so many times? I remind myself […]

Speak into the lives of others


When I was in the classroom, much of my favorite student writing came in response to an assignment I often ended the school year with in my English classes that dealt with two weighty ideas. Students first encountered thisclaim—“The thing about humans is that they are constantly comparing themselves to one another”—before moving on to […]

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Students


As a teacher, I try my best to grow and to learn. I read books about different areas of education, I attend school and district professional development, and try to collaborate with my colleagues to grow my practice. I have a confession to make, however. I don’t learn nearly as much about teaching and learning […]

More Reflective, More Creative, More…


ONE:This week I learned that another hallmark of a 21st-century education is “reflection time.” Nancy Blair Kelly TenkelyandMark Weston, Ph.D. made me aware thattaking time during class to reflect is now in vogue. This came as quite a surprise, since “reflecting” during class was called daydreaming when I was in school and riveted attention to […]

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