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Learn to Teach: 3 Insights from A Day Out on the Lower Bay

LEARN TO TEACH isn’t a declarative or imperative. I’m not slamming your approach or telling you I’ve got the goods on classroom management, pedagogical mindset, or a million other things you probably have a better handle on than I do. I’m lucky enough to do the work I do and so are you.LEARN TO TEACH […]

3 Simple Steps To Problem Solving


The last parent-teacher conference of the year happened last night and while the event I am about to describe did not happen yesterday, seeing the parents reminded me of a father of a student who struggled through my chemistry class 3 years ago, asking me for a method allowing his daughter to quickly “get” chemistry. […]

Write It Down. Or Perish.


For Remembrance’s Sake: Write It Down. Did you ever have a great idea pop in your head and it was so good that you knew you’d remember it no matter what? The story probably went something like this: Seemingly out of nowhere a great idea popped in your head. You went about your day as […]

Stop the Summer Slide: Tricks to Keep Students Learning through the Summer


The summer slide is not the latest dance fad among teens, but a term teachers use to describe how students tend to lose information during the summer months. Students are out of the classroom and “free” from the constraints of learning, yet if the goal of education of education is creating life-long learners, summer is […]