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Teach Them to Listen So They Can Listen to Learn


Listen… Listening, not just hearing but really listening is a skill many students need help with. Some are naturals at it. Others might be bad at it. Truth is many were never taught how to listen effectively. The listening skill affects success in school, work, and relationships. But the question is: How many of us […]

Universal Truth: We All Have The Power To Change The World


And we do. Have you ever heard someone say that he or she is not out to change the world? That he or she just wants to contribute in small part; make a difference? I have. I know what people mean when they say that. Such statements come out of modesty and the people making […]

3 Simple Steps To Problem Solving


The last parent-teacher conference of the year happened last night and while the event I am about to describe did not happen yesterday, seeing the parents reminded me of a father of a student who struggled through my chemistry class 3 years ago, asking me for a method allowing his daughter to quickly “get” chemistry. […]

Brain Hacking 303: Cornell Notes On Steroids


If you are an educator, the topic of note taking has come up in your PLN more than once. Perhaps you are encouraged to use a certain method in your school. My school is an AVID school and I taught at other AVID schools, so the Cornell Note-Taking Method is something I’ve been exposed to […]

Brain Hacking 102: Don’t Procrastinate. Hack Your Brain And Pomodoro Instead!


Procrastination is like chocolate addiction: It offers temporary satisfaction when you are hungry, don’t want to eat your vegetables, and need a quick fix. It satisfies the craving, but once the energy leaves, you crash and burn. And, if you keep it up, your teeth rot, you gain weight, and you experience other health problems. […]

Students Too Dependent on You? Here’s Help


Do your students want to be spoon-fed? Are they constantly demanding your help, calling out your name over and over again? If so, is it possible that you’ve unwittingly contributed to their sense of helplessness? Can learned helplessness be unlearned? Those are among the questions I asked of Starr Sackstein and David Ginsburg on an […]

Great Divide: What does high school prepare kids for?


High school classrooms offer learning targets and reminders. The room littered with informational facts that inspire and create connections throughout the year. A word wall with prior, current and future learning keeps an eye on where we start and where we are going. How many people have seen a college classroom or job cubicle look […]

What The Bleep Is Learning? (And A Bunch Of Resources To Go With It)


Remember when you were a little peanut and you learned to walk? First, you popped out of your momma’s belly. Then you learned to roll over. Then crawl. Then walk. Remember? You couldn’t read a book, watch a lecture, or take notes. You just tried a lot, failed a lot, and then finally succeeded, because […]

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