A Bowl Of Cereal


Daddy how do you get bad thoughts out of your head? When my daughter first whispered these words I thought I had a suitable response. I told her just to think about something that makes her happy. Sometimes that strategy works for me. But not often. After about a minute she said Daddy, it’s not […]

Babe Ruth Meets Drake


If you have never had the pleasure of watching Still Mine, I highly reccomend that you do as soon as possible. It was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. But this piece is not about the movie, rather it is about the impact that one scene in particular had on my […]

Tell About Us


Some peopleexercise. Some people meditate. Some people pray. Everyone has a different method of mentally and physically preparing for their day. I soak in a warm bath. I realize that baths are usually reserved for children under eight, but it has always worked for me. One morning as I was in the bath, relaxing and […]



As I was walking quickly through the cafeteria last Thursday. Not quite sure where I was heading, but I must have had some destination in mind. A young girl stopped me. And asked if I could eat lunch with her. I rarely have time to digest my own lunch, let alone eat lunch with students. […]

That Is Why


Today was the day. My number had been selected and I was to report for jury duty. While I wasn’t excited, I realize it is my civic duty and it is important. I have also learned, from past experiences, that it is a good idea to bring something to read because selecting a jury can […]

If Only We Take Time to Listen.


This is still a hard story to tell, not because it doesn’t end well, but because it brings back difficult times for me. But, it’s worth telling, so educators might take something away worth keeping… just in case. Quite a few years ago, my College initiated a dual credit, Early Childhood program at a local […]

The Value of Student Rapport

Rapport refers to the connection we create with other human beings. In education, developing rapport with our students is one of the most important parts of our job. Some of our students walk into the classroom not understanding themselves or believing in themselves. While they might not verbally say so, all of them want to […]

Are You Unintentionally Telling Your Students Not to Listen to You?


Ask any teacher about the challenges of the classroom, and somewhere near the top of that list will be getting children to listen. Particularly in the early childhood classroom, we’re not only working with all the competing stimuli around us (squirrel!) but also with impulse control and other executive functions that are in the early […]

Leading in a culture of connection, connecting and connectivity


To reach a port, we must set sail. Sail, not tie at anchor. Sail, not drift. – Franklin Delano Roosevelt As a connected educator and as a public schoolsuperintendent my mission is to engage, inspire, and empower leaders, staff, students, parents, and the community in support of student learning. In order to recharge my batteries […]

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