Banned Books Week 2018: When’s Enough, Enough?


Celebrate your freedom to read. Read a banned book! That’s right, celebrate your freedom to read. It’s an important freedom, and it’s protected by the First Amendment. Celebrate the right to read which books we choose. Censorship is censorship. There’s a fine line between challenged and banned books. Sometimes it’s fine and, sometimes not. Banned […]

Literature Offers Lessons for the Heart As Well As the Head


When teachers assign student reading, it’s not usually the social-emotional domain that’s the focus of the activity. But if we’re to address the whole child, we have to be aware that books have an impact on students’ hearts as well as their heads. That’s the focus of an article titled “Literature’s Emotional Lessons,” written by […]

What The Little Prince Can Teach Us About Teaching

Little Prince

I’ve lovedThe Little Princesince I was a child, and with each reading or exposure, I get something more out of it. As a kid, I’m certain I missed some of the symbolism or allegories, but I’m sure I empathized with the fact that I felt adults didn’t always understand me, or have the right priorities. […]

Gearing up for Absurdist Theater – how you can make it accessible

High School students have seldom come in contact with absurdist theater, but can really get a lot out of it. Since it seeks to explore many philosophical questions they ask about life everyday. So we’ve just finishedHamletand at the beginning, students struggled (they usually do when encountering Shakespeare), but ultimately appreciated Shakespeare’s ability to create […]

10 Tips for Growing Bookworms


I believe that all children deserve to grow up with the opportunity to love books and reading. They won’t actually all end up as dedicated readers, of course – kids have all sorts of unique preferences and learning styles. But there are countless gifts that stem from growing up with an enjoyment of reading, from […]

Student Book Recommendation: Looking For Alaska

John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska appeals to the adolescent need to connect and find meaning in life. Around the winter holidays, two of my students presented me with a lovely card and the gift of a novel. Always interested in what my students are reading, I took interest in their selection, especially because they […]

Spring Into A Reading Treasure Hunt!


When my kids were younger, I loved hiding those Kinder Surprise easter eggs all over the house. My daughter searched because she loved the yummy outside of those eggs. She must take after her mom, because chocolate was motivating! My sons, however, were more motivated by the toy inside. Theycouldn’t care less about the chocolate […]

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It!


They say that necessity creates ingenuity. There’s truth in that. I was terribly bored when the whole idea of teaching the curriculum through the narrative hit me. As the drone of the “professional development” presenter faded into the background of my thoughts, I started to wish that I had chosen a different session. Suddenly, though, […]

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