maker education

Build Your School Makerspace for Academic Success


Thoughts and ideas on school makerspaces are ubiquitous in education circles online, at conferences, in print, and anywhere else people who care about K-12 instruction gather to talk shop. Hashtags have trended around the craze and an entire industry continues to grow solely to sell robots, computers, 3D Printers, digital and analog kits, manuals, and […]

Learn to Teach: 3 Insights from A Day Out on the Lower Bay

LEARN TO TEACH isn’t a declarative or imperative. I’m not slamming your approach or telling you I’ve got the goods on classroom management, pedagogical mindset, or a million other things you probably have a better handle on than I do. I’m lucky enough to do the work I do and so are you.LEARN TO TEACH […]

Fomenting Imagination and Creativity in Students


When I was little there was no internet. As an only child, I often found company in my own imagination. I remember trying to make a hot air balloon out of construction paper and a box, which clearly didn’t taken me up, up and away, but gave me many hours of entertainment. I look at […]

A Summer Creativity Transfusion


WhenHarold and the Purple Crayonwas published in 1955, kids everywhere (including me and my brothers) sattoo long on our fannies watching TV. Maybe author Crockett Johnson had a few TV addicted kids of his own, so he wrote a story about alittle boy who creates a big adventure with just an oversized crayon and his […]

The Intersection of Growth Mindsets and Maker Education


I have a recent interest in both Growth Mindsets and Maker Education; and have blogged and presented on both of these topics. As such and because of my passion for both of these area, I have been thinking about the intersection between the two. This intersection, I found, is strong and powerful. “A growth mindset […]