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7 Ways to Make Learning Impossible in Your Classroom

We talk a lot about how to increase student achievement and improve learning in our classrooms. A lot of these conversations are centered around what needs to be added or changed in a classroom, NOT what should be removed. Many of the practices that still exist in classrooms across the country are not only outdated, […]

Mastery Learning: The Basics

Mastery learning doesn’t have to be scary. A lot of times when I talk about Mastery Learning with teachers, I can see them slowly start back away and sometimes even getting noticeably scared. I’ll be honest, itcanbe scary, but it doesn’thaveto be. Giving up control, managing aself-paced classroom, and transitioning toMastery Learningcan be done if […]

Personalized v. Differentiated Instruction

Personalized learning and differentiated learning are big buzzwords in education right now. Did you think they were the same thing? As more catch phrases, tag lines, and buzzwords get added to the educational world, it’s getting more and more difficult to determine what it all means, and more importantly, how it all applies to our […]

Self-Paced DOES NOT Mean Self-Taught

Self-paced learning can be a great tool. If you’ve ever tried to implement mastery or self-paced learning in your classroom, or attempted a long-term project that is student-centered, you’ve probably tried it (or are still doing it) because, frankly…these things work. Anytime you can make your classroom more student-centered and meet the needs of more […]

Why PBL’s Fail, and What You Can Do About It


The Power and Pitfalls of PBL’s Alright, lets just get this part out of the way first: I realize there are drastic differences between project based learning and problem based learning experiences, but for the purpose of this post I am going to hybridize the two concepts because the content of what you are about […]

Three Ways to Remove FEAR from Your Classroom

Most of us have seen or experienced the traditional archaic model of education where a lesson is taught, notes are taken, quizzes or worksheets are handed out and grades are given. While this model works for some students, there are many students that completely shut down in this process. This process of judgement and single […]

The Art of Mastery: What Defines a Master Teacher?

I had a conversation this week with an educator that I would define as a master teacher. “What,” she asked, “defines mastery in teachers?” Is it years of experience? Self-efficacy? Or perhaps a set of specific skills that lend themselves to high achievement for students? I would say possibly a combination of all three. Can […]

Removing Escape Hatches from Your Classroom

escape hatch

A common theme I get asked about during my workshops is student motivation, or student effort. No matter what management techniques or systems you have in your classroom to maintain behavior, instilling a culture of working hard, or “grit” as some like to call it, is probably one of the most difficult things you can […]

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