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How to Begin to Turn Around Reluctant Learners

reluctant student

Reluctant learners have been a staple of school life since the earliest teachers and their students huddled around fires in smoky caves long ago. Popular culture abounds with images such as students staring dreamily out a classroom window, feeding their homework to the dog, and playing truant. All of us have been reluctant learners at […]

This Sucks!


This sucks!!! This is awesome!!! If you’re reading this piece and you work with children, then the chances are good that you’ve heard these responses numerous times. The first onewe hate and the second onewe crave. To be quite honest, I hate the first response! It’s flip! It’s rude! And I can’t stand it when […]

“Hey Teacher!”…and Why You Should Never Hear That Again

megaphone girl

You’ve probably been there before. A student, frustrated with their hand in the airdecides it’s all of a sudden ok to yell across the room”Hey Teacher!”(they might use your name, but you get the point). There’s a good chance this isn’t a rare occurrence in your classroom. You’re awesome, so you probablymanage your classroomwell and […]

Back to School: Why a Seven-Year-Old Is Sad to Return

Lego robot

This is a journey into the mind of my seven-year-old grandson, who builds amazing Lego inventions like the above robot creation and is interested in many things. Just not what he’s learning in school. In fact, when I asked him if he was looking forward to starting second grade next week, his response was a […]

When All Else Fails


Do you ever feel as a leader that what you are doing just isn’t good enough, that if you only could do more then it would all be better. There are days you question your calling and wonder if you have it in you to continue. It is in those moments that great reflection and […]

Passion + Play = Purpose


Those of us of a certain age, who are looking at the possibility of retirement in the not-too-distant future, think often about purpose. We typically know someone who retired and shortly thereafter passed away. Or someone who, despite counting down the years until retirement, was completely lost once it occurred. The missing element, we know, […]

Total Confusion? What to Do When No One Gets It


One of the most frustrating moments in a teacher’s school day can strike without warning. In the midst of a carefully planned lesson, it is possible for even the very best teachers in a school to experience the sinking feeling that happens as soon as they realize that no one is getting it. No one […]

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