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You’re Not Mental

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I hope everyone knows the above quote. If not, you need to stop reading this andNetflixthis movie! I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and everyone you’ve worked with has done it. At some point, you’ve taken a day off, but you didn’t use a vacation day, you weren’t sick, and you did things just for […]

I Need Help…


I need help.It’s a phrase that I thought many times yesterday, but never onceverbalized. I’m not sure why I never directly asked. Maybe it was pride. Maybe it was stubbornness. Maybe I didn’t want to seem weak. Regardless of my subconscious reasoning, I am very thankful that my lack of asking didn’t prevent others from […]

What is the #FitLeaders Movement?

If youfollow me on Twitter, you have probably seen me use the FitLeaders hashtag quite often. You may have searched the hashtag and come across a variety of posts by a lot of different people. This still may not give you a true idea about what the #FitLeaders movement is all about. This idea originated […]