Marie Kondo and Me, Teacher Appreciation Week SOS!


Hopefully touching your hearts on Teacher Appreciation Week 2019! Just a lot of teaching stuff! I give up. SOS. Worst organizer, ever, and I’m moving again. Oh boy. Dearie me, I am a late bloomer as usual. I said feh until now about the crazy deal about organizing and tidying up. Morgan told me about […]

Family Glamping, A Lesson in Love


I had an extraordinary day yesterday. Did you? And I can hardly wait to tell you what happened. You be the judge. Here in America, the Labor Day holiday weekend is an end of summer opportunity to reflect and make observations about past and future. Lessons always surround us when we watch, listen and learn. […]

Ash Wednesday School Shooting

Repentance: A radical change in mindset and heart, a promise to do better, surrender, a confession filled with remorse In every school or education organization there must be people you can trust. In spite of bureaucracy, complacency, high-stakes political frenzy, we must guarantee a safe space, a place where anyone can find the rhythm and […]

Finding Balance

Authentic teaching is magical balance. A good teacher knows how to reveal the essence of our existence so that we are moved to compassion, so that we respond with kindness and humanity even in the face of adversity, so that we are aware of the beautiful now, while our eyes are wide open to the […]

Engaging With Place & Community (Part 2): Walking with High School Students

students walking4

Walking is a tonic for body, mind, and soul. (Rubinstein, 2015, p. 251) Walking With High School Students The Walking Curriculum offers learning activities designed to simultaneously develop your students’ sense of place and to enrich their understanding of cross-curricular topics and core competencies. Walking curriculum activities reflect the principles and practices of Imaginative Ecological […]

Help Students Deal With Stress

Stressed student

Stress Impairs. Stress Damages. Stress Kills. Stress stinks really bad. Fear, anxiety, shame, powerlessness, hopelessness.These are all feelings that can lead to stress. But are they real? And, can we control them? Let’s find out. Remember these 3 choices when facing stress: Change It. Exert influence wherever and however you can. Leave It. While walking […]

Lessons for Living Attentively in a Media-Mad World

social media

My kids think I’m exaggerating. I’mnot. I grew up without a cell phone. So, when I was away from home, Ieitherdidn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t with me (gasp) orI brought a quarter and used a pay phone. (What’s that?)My first computer was practically the size of a smart car. I looked things up in […]

Contemplation Music Writing for Educators

music notes png by doloresdevelde d5gt351

For the new school year, why not try a little “day music” to get educators acquainted with themselves, colleagues, and students in a professional development session? My Contemplation Music Writing Project helped students find inner peace and I believe it will work with teachers. But you might be wondering how I can make this leap […]

Where True Character Grows

Peak Personal Growth

Those of us who actively engage ourselves in the noble and remarkable craft of teaching soon realize that we’re as much a student as the kids we are standing in front of. We set up our classrooms with all learners in mind, we research effective classroom layouts and design, share best practices with our colleagues, […]

I Love My Stress: Reconsidering Mindfulness Training


In recent years, terrific articles have been published about “The Mindful Revolution.” In fact, that’s the headline of a 2014 lead story inTime. I also enjoyed reading an Edutopia article by Dr. Lisa Flook, titled, The Oasis Within: Mindfulness Practice for Teachers. “A handful of studies with educators have found reductions in stress, increased compassion […]