I Should Have Waited


I help monitor 4 lunch shifts each day. It’s a busy and often loud time but it allows me to see every kid in the school, preK-5. I’m not gonna lie, my feet are tired by the time the last shift is over at 1:15. So, I could blame my mess-up on the fact that […]

First, Learn Their Story


I was standing right there! Jordan had to have known that I was going to see him. That I was going to bust him. Maybe he didn’t care. Maybe he had already made up his mind. Maybe there was more to the story. Like an Avenger or Marvel superhero, he jumped off the bus and […]

Were You The DJ?


We hurried down to baggage claim because we wanted to get home as soon as we could. We had an hour and half drive ahead of us and it was already 9 o’clock. My wife and kids waited off to the side, while I waited right next to the conveyor. Everyone was tired and just […]

Cultivating A Culture Of Mistakes (+ A Free Poster)


Happy Friday! Or Saturday, depending on when you read this. As school draws closer (or maybe already back to the grind?), teachers and administrators experience a renewed sense of purpose. We reflect on how to start the year off right and how we can do things better. I have an ironic, but very true answer […]

The Big Four


Twitter, Facebook, Email & Voxer. Twitter, Facebook, Email & Voxer. Twitter, Facebook, Email & Voxer. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know if it was the dopamine or the procrastination that kept this cycle going. Either way, it was getting out of hand. I had a terrible headache and was able to convince myself that it […]

da Vinci Probably Didn’t Make Just One Mona Lisa


My daughter is a perfectionist. She does not like making mistakes. Whenever she colors outside the lines or something doesn’t look quite right, she will often start over or sometimes, when she is angry, give up. Not this one day. I’ll never forget the day she was working on her own personal art project. It […]

He Owned It


Brad Gustafson is someone who celebrates his students and staff like few others. Check his Twitter feed on any given day and you will see what I mean. And that is why Brad’s admission was so powerful. During our interview, I even gave him an opportunity to back out. But Brad is not that kind […]

Knocking Down Blocks


Anyone that follows my blog knows that I am fascinated with the way in which my children interact with and interpret the world. I truly believe that they have much more to teach me than I have to teach them. The difficulty lies in the fact that the lessons they have to teach me are […]

He’ll Always Be There


This is one of those things that I learned through failure. Several years ago, I went through a very dark period in my life. A period during which I was under a lot of stress. Some of it was self-induced and some of it was caused by outside forces. I lost twenty pounds. I began […]

Maybe We Should Make Him A Gift


Some children simply don’t know how to play. Let me be more specific. There are some children that we know have a very difficult time playing properly and safely with their peers. I know who they are and oftentimes when I am called to the playground I know it is them that I am coming […]