What Motivates Students?

There is a question that I’m getting more and more at workshops and trainingsand that is “how do I motivate my students to work?” I hate to break it to you, but there is no “magic bullet” solution to this. Every student is going to have their own solution to getting motivated. However, there are […]

5 Ways to Waste Your Summer

(Image Source: Ok, I know it’s the end of the year and all you can think about is sleeping in, maybe getting your feet in the sand, and finally having a little time to relax andeat a meal without having to complete it in under 10 minutes as you grade stacks of papers or […]

3 Ways to End the School Year Strong

It’s almost here! As the days grow longer, the students in your classroom get more volatile, and the smell of Summer break is in the air, I want you to STOP. Right now, as you decide not to finish that lesson plan and just playKahootwith your studentstomorrow, I want you to consider the opportunity being […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity, Imagination, and Concentration (Part 2)


Check out Part 2 of my previous post, “Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination.” The upcoming “sparks,” all crucial areas in education, don’t get enough time in our classrooms. They can be used in various ways: a “wake-up call” in the morning to get students thinking and feeling. The prompt can be written on […]

Your Excuses Are Invalid

no excuses

This Might Get Ugly… I’m going to start by fully understanding thevulgar gestures you may want to make towards your computer screen or the nasty emails you mightwrite to meafter reading this, but I think it needs to be said. But I believe that, by the end of this, you will at least partially agree. […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination

Einstein imagination quote

Check out a few prompts about creativity and imagination. Use these “sparks” to trigger that “self-amusement park” of the mind to see where they all lead. As you read the prompts, use brainstorming, “picture-storming” (visualize one image-after-another), and “word-storming” (crank out one word-after-another) to get into my original statements, “equations,” and quoatations about two vital […]

Just Keep Swimming


So, for those of you who have kids or grandkids, book makers came up with thebrilliantidea of adding sounds to board books. I have come to the conclusion that these books are fun to give but are awful to receive; worse than fruitcake. My daughter’s love theirFinding Dorybook, and love tapping all of the sounds […]

Do You Believe in Magic?


When people talk about childhood idols and heroes, I always say David Copperfield. No, not the character from Dickens. The other character: image credit: If you don’t know of the man above, David Copperfield is an international illusionist who has performed all over the world. He did a series of specials in the 80’s […]

I Am a Shameless Briber of Readers!

Girl reading

I have returned from an incredibly inspiring reading conference. Some of the most notable literacy experts in the country presented. I attended many break-out sessions to increase my knowledge of great literacy practices. I even presented one myself entitled, ”Creating a School-Wide Culture of Literacy.” One of the controversial topics that was addressed often was […]

How to Kill Creativity in the Classroom

Have you ever found yourself thinking these thoughts? I wish my students would take fewer risks. My students should really stop coming up with new ideas. I need to structure my classes to reduce creativity. If you have, then you’re on your way to becoming a good teacher. Every teacher should try to find ways […]

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