Everybody Cooks Rice Learning To Cook Together I AM WRITING THIS TONIGHT FROM MY HEART. It’s World Kindness Day today! Recent events caused me to lose my faith for a bit. It wasn’t just about who won or didn’t win the Election, but the level of hate spewing throughout and continuing. I worry about the […]

Helping Dual-Language Learners Succeed Academically

multicultural classroom2

Gone are the days when all of the children in a classroom are speaking the same language. Nowadays it’s not unusual to have several different languages spoken among your students – and that of course presents a number of challenges. Among them are forming relationships with these special students, making them feel welcomed into the […]

Babe Ruth Meets Drake


If you have never had the pleasure of watching Still Mine, I highly reccomend that you do as soon as possible. It was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. But this piece is not about the movie, rather it is about the impact that one scene in particular had on my […]

Whether She Liked It Or Not


Sometimes there are stories inside of us just waiting to be told. This is my attempt at telling one through the genre of realistic fiction. I imagine each reader will come away with something different. If it touches you please leave a comment explaining how. Marcus had played the game well. Stayed out of trouble. […]

That Is Why


Today was the day. My number had been selected and I was to report for jury duty. While I wasn’t excited, I realize it is my civic duty and it is important. I have also learned, from past experiences, that it is a good idea to bring something to read because selecting a jury can […]