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Teaching Has a Tall Poppy Problem and It Needs to Change


There are lots of problems in education, big systemic problems, governance problems, structural problems that seem unsolvable sometimes because they’re so deeply rooted in the way things have always be done. And then there are problems that are so darn easy to fix, it’s a wonder they haven’t already been solved. One of those easy […]

STEM Guide for Teachers

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You’ve probably noticed that STEM and STEAM are really buzzy terms in the field of education these days. If you are new to the teaching field, or even a veteran ready to liven up your lessons, then this is a great time to leap into STEM. However, as an already very busy teacher, it can […]

What Do All New Teachers Need to Know?

The other night I participated in the weekly evening #edchat about new teachers and how they should be supported and whether or not they should be giving special consideration. I was not able to stay for the entire chat, but the conversations really got me thinking about new teachers and what they face when they […]

An Open Letter to My Former Self


As I enter my eleventh year in education, I have spent a lot of time reflecting back to my first year. A decade into my career, I am making a transition from the classroom to an instructional coaching position. This has caused much thought about what I know now and what I knew way back […]

You’ll Know It When You See It

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I have had a week of driving, of not sleeping enough, of wearing myself a little thin. When you work for a school board that is roughly the size of Albania, you go through a lot of coffee. It’s been an exhausting week but it’s also been exhilarating. This week I got to be a […]

Improve with Improv

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Twitter is amazing. Can we just take a moment and give Twitter a high five? When teachers ask me about the best digital learning out there, I always plug Twitter. In our school board, a group of us spent most of December posting daily on Twitter as part of a #twitterchallenge and it was so […]

The Science Notebook-A Personal Preference

What’s in a Science Notebook? There were a few moments as a new science teacher where I was stunned at how much thought I put into something that students didn’t bat an eye at. One such instance was arranging desks (we can tackle this in another post) and another was deciding on what system I […]