overcoming fear

Let Your Students FAIL

The Cycle of Failure We’ve all been in the situation with that “difficult” student in our class where they shut down, let out a sign of discontentand throw an assignmentaside while saying something like “I’m not doing this!”. I know this can be frustrating as an educator but I want you to think about something […]

Three Ways to Remove FEAR from Your Classroom

Most of us have seen or experienced the traditional archaic model of education where a lesson is taught, notes are taken, quizzes or worksheets are handed out and grades are given. While this model works for some students, there are many students that completely shut down in this process. This process of judgement and single […]

Help Students Deal With Stress

Stressed student

Stress Impairs. Stress Damages. Stress Kills. Stress stinks really bad. Fear, anxiety, shame, powerlessness, hopelessness.These are all feelings that can lead to stress. But are they real? And, can we control them? Let’s find out. Remember these 3 choices when facing stress: Change It. Exert influence wherever and however you can. Leave It. While walking […]

Have You Ever Wanted To Do Something Big?


Eight thousand eight hundred and forty eight and it’s go time. No time like the present. Rock, ice, wind in your face. Eyes squinting, hands frozen, toes freezing. Can’t breathe, oxygen is low. It’s called the death zone you know. Will you stay the course, carry on, go for broke? Behold Chomolungma, the Goddess Mother […]

Tigers Above; Tigers Below


Truth is I’d rather run. Board a plane. Take a hike. Read a book. Listen to Brahms or Marvin Gaye or Aretha. Jump out of my skin. Escape. I have a certain expertise at running: I’m an escape artist. Houdini and me: we have got our act down! I have run fromthings scary, painful, disorienting […]