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The Earth Is Flat! – Question, Investigate, and Find Your Own Answers


No one knows enough. Period. And that’s a good thing. I try to remember that. Recently, a good friend of mine told me that he is convinced the Earth is flat. And, as far as I know, he’s not medicated. He said that the evidence he’s collected is too overwhelming for him not to believe […]

Emotional Intelligence: Teach It! – Infographic


Unless you’re a former lobotomy victim emotions affect everything you do and are present everywhere in your life. And that’s a good thing! Emotions help us understand the universe, play a key part in our decision-making, and are crucial in our relationships. If you’re an educator or a parent you observe daily the power emotions […]

Engage Students With Dynamic Teaching & Chemicals


Enthusiasm is contagious, so a teacher’s job is to infect students. How? Just do the opposite of what Ben Stein’s character Mr. Cantwell, the pessimistic monotone nerd of a science teacher form the Wonder Years did. Okay. That’s a bad answer. First, being a nerd is pretty cool these days. Second, while being monotone is […]

What Is Play If Not the Highest Form of Thought?


Since my last post I have been thinking more about play. Why is it so hard to understand its importance? Then, two days ago, I went to visit a friend who has made (“French”) horns all of his adult life.George wasn’t trained as an engineer. He had drafting lessons in the Navy, and went on […]

You Shouldn’t Need Permission To Dance


There we were on a lazy Saturday morning. At the breakfast table, enjoying pancakes, bacon and a cool iTunes mix. When all of a sudden a song by One Direction came on. My son looked at me and said Daddy, can I dance? I thought to myself, why is he asking permission? Just get up […]

I’m a Teacher You See…


I’m a teacher you see… I am whatever I need to be Whoever I want to be Whenever I chose to be Sometimes, I’m the facilitator Often, the content creator Always the learning moderator At times, a color commentator I’m Pablo Picasso multimedia creator And Albert Einstein the mind agitator I am Marco Polo the […]

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