Universal Truth: We Create Our Own Reality


This is the third post in the Universal Truth Series. Please check out Universal Truth: Everyone Has At Least One Superpower and Universal Truth: We All Have The Power To Change The World if you enjoy reflections on simple but powerful existential truths. Reality is what we make it… Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, student, […]

A Management Approach To Implementing New Technologies And Pedagogies In The Classroom


Making Change Change is difficult at the best of times, but even more so in schools that have busy schedules, traditional pedagogies with the ‘we have always done it that way’ mindset, and a myriad of approaches, methodologies and technologies all vying for teachers’ attention. David Thornburg put it that managing such change, whether it […]

Gearing up for Absurdist Theater – how you can make it accessible

High School students have seldom come in contact with absurdist theater, but can really get a lot out of it. Since it seeks to explore many philosophical questions they ask about life everyday. So we’ve just finishedHamletand at the beginning, students struggled (they usually do when encountering Shakespeare), but ultimately appreciated Shakespeare’s ability to create […]

A Response to Professors Banning Laptops


Banning Laptops in The Lecture Hall I’ve been hearing about big changes in education since I started teaching nearly 20 years ago. In recent years, I’ve actually been seeing some real innovation that has challenged teachers to move beyond the same model of instruction that we have been using for centuries. My optimism faded a […]

Technology is NOT an Add-On: Revisited


It was one year ago that I wrote this post, and I had to return to it, reflecting on my own thoughts, finding them still incredibly relevant today. As devices in our schools have increased, it is imperative we remained focused on WHY those devices are there. It is not about the device. It IS […]

To Memorize or Not to Memorize? That Is the Question

memory and the brain

One of the essays in my latest book, What If Everybody Understood Child Development?, is titled “In Defense of Authentic Learning.” As I started to write the piece, it struck me that the title I’d chosen was an interesting one. I mean, why would authentic learning have to be defended? If authentic means “real or […]

The 6 C’s Squared Version of Education in the 21st Century


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. -Alvin Toffler – Think Critically Thinking Critically allows the individual to manage information. Information presented in a multitude of forms from a variety of media. Information that must be filtered and analyzed, […]

The Intersection of Growth Mindsets and Maker Education


I have a recent interest in both Growth Mindsets and Maker Education; and have blogged and presented on both of these topics. As such and because of my passion for both of these area, I have been thinking about the intersection between the two. This intersection, I found, is strong and powerful. “A growth mindset […]

Get Gritty and Grow


Before, when I would hear the word ‘grit’ I would think of John Wayne. A strong, silent figure standing in solidarity with a cigarette and a 5 o’clock shadow; this embodiment of grit refuses to smile and takes no prisoners. Tough and strong, grit is essentially acowboy. So how did my association of the word […]

“FLIPPED” Classroom Is All About The Relationships


Most educators who consider flipping develop angst beginning with the fear of making videos. The concerns typically center on the time necessary to make the videos, the technological skills to produce the videos or the where with all to put voice and/or face on public display. And of course there is the option to use […]