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Hey! Where’s the Swings?

“How do you like to go up in a swing… up in the air so blue?” (Robert Lewis Stevenson) I couldn’t even imagine a park without swings as a child. They were my absolute favorite and the first place I’d run when we got to the playground. I can remember back when, as a toddler, […]

Bubble Discussions

I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote by Stephen Sroka last week. At one point, Dr. Sroka took out a little bottle of bubbles, took a deep breath, and blew bubbles into the audience. He took three breaths and blew bubble three times to simulate relaxation breathing. I sat there thinking that I […]

“Be Careful!”: Teaching Children to Fear

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How many times do you imagine a child hears an adult say, “Be careful!”? I suspect it’s a close second to them hearing, “No!” And, if it’s a female child, it may be the number-one phrase coming at them, as studies have shown that girls are cautioned far more often than boys. This, of course, […]

So…Outdoor Play at Child Care Centers Is Optional? Huh?

swing set

On my way to work, I pass no fewer than 6 child care centers. As my life revolves around Early Childhood and young children, I am always interested in seeing what’s happening in programs in the community. It had been puzzling to me, no matter the weather or time of day, how few children I […]

Teach the Whole Child to Reduce Student Stress


Which has caused more stress among kids: the Great Depression or life today? According to a study cited in Brad Johnson’s book, Learning on Your Feet, five times as many students deal with stress, anxiety, and other mental issues compared to students during the Great Depression. If we really stop to think about that, we […]

Reflecting, Walking, and Stimulating the Mind

Two giraffe at mysore zoo

We recently went to the zoo on a rather warm and sunny day. The animals were active and our kids had tons of questions we loved contemplating the answers to. Summer has arrived! The school year is finally coming to an end. This is the time of year when my jealousy of teachers who have […]

Schools Without Playgrounds?

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If you ask a child what their favorite part of the school day is, they’ll probably tell you recess. “Recess is the time of day set aside for elementary school students to take a break from their class work, engage in play with their peers, and take part in independent, unstructured activities,” Bossenmeyer, M. (2005). […]

The Power of a Restful Summer


May 22, 2015 was the day the Class of 2015 graduated where I teach; consequently, I spent most of May 23rd and May 24th either sleeping or in a semi-comatose state because I was tired. Let’s be honest: teaching is exhausting. But no sooner than the end-of-the-year bell rings, many teachers are figuring out how […]

This Just In: Preschoolers Don’t Get Enough Exercise

Children engaged with computers

I’ve been waiting for the “revolution” in education, in terms of an understanding that children need to move, pretty much for as long as I’ve focused on early childhood physical activity – which is to say, about 35 years. When Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which included the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, became well known and […]

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