Commitment to Change


When I first decided to run for Congress, I remember who I went to for input. Surprisingly, it was not my friends and family (besides my wife!); instead, it was the educators that I have worked with over the last ten years. Not just those I have worked with in schools, but those in my […]

This is HARD…


I have found my entrance into politics exciting, exhausting, and invigorating. I knew that this would be my most challenging endeavor yet, but this is on another level. This is hard and not just in the ways that one would think. Now, I did not think that running for a seat in the United States […]

To My Students…


I became an educator because I wanted to impactthe lives of students in the same ways that my teachers did for me. See, I owe so much to the educators who invested their time, care, and love in me. They saw something in me and never gave up, no matter how many reasons I gave […]

Freedom of Speech


I know thousands ofeducators in this country. I don’t know any that are not experiencing disgust, anxiety, anger, and many other emotions now due tothe direction ofour country. We are working within the confines of racism, misogyny,classism, and intolerance to educate our students the best that we can. But are we doing enough? Could we […]

Our Future First


If you follow me onTwitter,Instagram, orFacebook, chances are you have seen my usage of #OurFutureFirst, but what does it mean? What and who does it apply to? Why am I using it when posting about political, global, and educational issues? What is the point? I came up with the phrase “Our Future First” when discussing […]

[ Suhm-pin ]


You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery I know it is coming soon. It’s simply the natural progression of things. But I am not looking forward to it. As of today, November 11, 2016, my five-year old son still pronounces the word something like this [ Suhm-pin […]

Let’s Cross That Line


There are certain things we just don’t talk about in public. Sex, politics & religion are often found at the top of this taboo list. Anytime we speak of them in mixed company we risk crossing a line. And we don’t want to cross that line, now do we? But some folks aren’t the least […]