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If You’re Going to Get Along with a Toddler…You Just Gotta Follow the Rules!

So, infancy is sliding out of the way and now there’s this new little person who is suddenly both mobile and opinionated. We know there are two ways to get through life…the easy way and the hard way. There may not truly be an easy way to navigate through toddlerhood, but being mindful of the […]

Beautiful is…


She just couldn’t let it go! We were heading to see the biggest movie of the year and all she could think about was her hair. For over thirty minutes she twisted, turned and toyed with it. This was not the first time I had witnessed her cosmetic frustrations. But there was something about this […]

5 Things Every Young Child Needs to be Happy, Well-adjusted, and Fun to be Around


Navigating through the early childhood years is a tough proposition. It’s amazing that so many make it to the other side. The hurdles come right after the other once the day begins- getting ready to go someplace in the morning, saying goodbye to Mom or Dad at child care, trying something new or going on […]

Are You Unintentionally Telling Your Students Not to Listen to You?


Ask any teacher about the challenges of the classroom, and somewhere near the top of that list will be getting children to listen. Particularly in the early childhood classroom, we’re not only working with all the competing stimuli around us (squirrel!) but also with impulse control and other executive functions that are in the early […]

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