Where’s All the Daddies?: Engaging Fathers in Early Childhood Programs

Statistics and family studies provide us with some answers to why some dads will never see the inside of their child’s classroom. One in three children don’t have a father present in the home. That’s a little over 24 million and the number is growing. Some dads, for various reasons, have learned to mistrust schools. […]

Keep Them Passionately Curious


I was once asked during a presentation for a parent’s group what it is that preschoolers need most to prepare them academically. I’m sure some would have loved tips onbuilding early readersor how to get a jump start onmath skills(both important, to be sure), but what I really believe young children need goes beyond even […]

Early Literacy: Just Focus on These 5 Things and Stop the Other Stuff

letter flashcards

It’s becoming more and more commonplace to see programs using flashcards and worksheets in their attempt to jumpstart literacy development. These early academic activities are touted as best approaches and provide tangible take-homes for anxious parents who don’t want their children to “get behind.” Unfortunately, what’s really important to early literacy is largely being overlooked […]

Learning To Teach Littlest Angels, Life Lessons For All


Leaving a Legacy. Walking the Talk I never dreamed I’d take my biggest educational risk ever, teaching the littles, but I did. Although for several years I was a Preschool Principal, it’s not the same as this. After summer volunteering, a literacy grant was awarded this special preschool, just my thing, so I’m back in […]

Watch Out for Performance Hang-Ups in Early Childhood


A few years ago, the Gesell Institute, named for developmental pioneer Dr. Arnold Gesell, decided to test the premise that kids today develop more quickly than they used to. They took the developmental norms established by the work of Dr. Gesell in the 1940s and launched a three year study concluding in 2010 to gauge […]

Learning to read. Covered with jello, bugs & snails!

Little people learning land: A world of wonder It’s one thing to read and write about literacy, it’s another to breathe it. The last time I had a crazy notion in my head I ended up teaching with teachers in over 500 K-12 classrooms. At this stage, it’s unfathomable I would dive headfirst into the […]

Moving to the Big Leagues!


Life is filled with transitions, that’s for sure. A couple pretty big ones are going on in our house at the moment, probably like yours. Moving to the Big Leagues! At least in spirit and love. Tonight I write from my heart, sharing a sweet story of family and personal growth, our will tested, our […]

Pencil in Some Time for Executive Function on That Busy Summer Calendar!


Spring is here… the start of many new things. But, it also marks the beginning of the race to sign children up for summer activities. I was reminded of this as I stood in my neighbor’s kitchen, waiting for her to finish a phone call. The oversized family calendar was prominently hanging on the refrigerator, […]

Understanding the Importance of Rituals for Young Children


Yesterday morning, I was visiting one of my students in the classroom where she was doing her student teaching. It was at the tail end of drop-off time and I asked her to join me in watching what was unfolding before us. One by one, parent and child entered the room and proceeded to engage […]

Play: How Can We Do Better?


Facebook is awash with fantastic memes about the necessity of play in early childhood. I adore seeing them. I also feel some anxiousness because I have noticed that, in a play-based program, five- year old children aren’t playing like five-year old children anymore. More of them are playing like three’s and four’s than I used […]

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