Looking For Indicators of a Quality Preschool Program? Here’s the Top 7


For a parent, choosing just the right preschool program can be daunting and overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, first and foremost being the needs of the particular child. When embarking on this quest, it is critical to put some priorities in order. Sure it’s important for a program to provide opportunities […]

Just Stay in One Spot for a Minute


Usually in my classroom, I move around. A lot.I walk from one area to another, interacting with children, taking about what they are doing. I listen. I ask questions. I answer questions. I talk about what I see kids doing. I pay attention and I learn. But one day, I stayed in one place and […]

Haggling: A Fun Way to Compare Numbers


Maintaining a steady stream of engaging math activities is difficult. Math can become monotonous if there’s a lack of variety, yet children need to practice many skills repetitively before mastering them. So, my job as a teacher is to regularly embellish basic skills lessons in unique ways. I must experiment and adapt regularly, because different […]

What Do The Children Deserve?


Envision a world filled with happy children who are eager to learn, are healthy, feel confident in their abilities, have well developed language abilities, strong math and reading skills, are creative and curious, get along with other children, are physically fit and active, and are self disciplined. Picture all of these children developing into adults […]

Attending a Conference This Year?


Learning new information that builds on what we already know gives a boost to our classroom performance. We bring back these new ideas to put into immediate use with the children. ttending an early childhood conference is a great way to immerse oneself in new ideas and information. Many presentations will provide CEUs for attending […]

Preparing for Your CDA Observation by the PD Specialist? What about a Self-Study?

manyWhat’s in It for Me? How Does a Self-Study Work? Rate each Indicator a 3, 2, or 1, with 1 being the lowest. For every item you rate below a 3, make a note in the margin of the specific issue, your plan to remedy it, and who might be able to help you. When […]

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