Why I Left the Classroom for Administration

“So there looks like there might be an opportunity for you.” At the time when I heard this, I was literally in the middle of having my best teaching year. My sixth grade blended learning classroom was going better than I could ever have imagined. I was “teaching like a PIRATE,” engaging and empowering my […]

Top 10 Things I Learned from Being a Principal for Seven Weeks

principals office door

For seven weeks, I was an interim, elementary principal in one of my district’s elementary schools. It was an opportunity and experience that was invaluable. When I began I was nervous and full of anxiety, but when I ended, I had wonderful memories, great new relationships, and a very real and meaningful learning experience. So […]

Play in the “New First Grade”

kindergarten classroom

Recent news continues to highlight the increasing demands on teachers, students and families during the first year of school. Kindergarten is the “New First Grade” has been said many times during the past few years, however increased academic expectations can be met with developmentally appropriate instructional strategies…play included. The benefits of play in the new […]

You Get What You Expect

You get what you expect in this world. That is a mantra that I live by, both with raising my children and overseeing students in my school. Having high expectations is paramount to student achievement, good behavior, teacher professionalism, and parent engagement. When I was the principal of a rural high school high in the […]

Twelve-Step Program for Leadership

leadership ducks

The beginning of this school year has me working with three new principals to our district. As I think about what I would tell them about the principalship, or any other leadership position for that matter, I find that the principles of a 12-step program have many parallels. Regardless of the position you are in […]

The Principal

During the latest Twitter #edchat the topic was about the role of the Principal in education. It was an interesting chat because it brought up some interesting questions and issues. What is the role of the Principal at the school? Do they have the time to be the best Principal they can be? As teachers, […]

Why We Really Should Show the ‘Personal’ Side of Being a Principal with Our Students


So working with over 370 kindergarten students you really get an honest opinion from them on just about everything. This year we started asking them specifically questions about being a Principal (Kid Principal) and it really started to make me think about what I am saying and showing these students about being an adult. Do […]

Leadership Imperatives For Today’s School Leader


As leaders we aspire to achieve for the sake of our kids, teachers, and parents; seeking to elevate others along the way. As we embark on another year, our challenge is to continue to refine our practice as reflective leaders, so we increase in effectiveness. I would suggest that there are 7 Leadership Imperatives that […]

Educators 143, Parents 7


That’s the score? Seriously? That is the best we can do? I’m stunned, and frankly, a little disappointed. With one day to go in the Bammy race, a campaign that honors all that is great in American education, we educators can find only 7 parent leaders to honor? Really?! Come on! Where would we be […]

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