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Let Your Students FAIL

The Cycle of Failure We’ve all been in the situation with that “difficult” student in our class where they shut down, let out a sign of discontentand throw an assignmentaside while saying something like “I’m not doing this!”. I know this can be frustrating as an educator but I want you to think about something […]

Furniture in the Collaborative Classroom: Desks with Wheels May Be Overrated

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I loved the idea of desks with wheels. My lessons usually involve some combination of partner work, small-group work, whole-class discussion, inner circle/outer circle discussions, independent work. Movable desks seemed to make sense for this kind of collaborative practice. And I have noticed a few distinct benefits: It can be fun to push oneself around […]

Part 5: Building a Classroom Community: Helping Students Relate Well to Each Other

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At its most fundamental level, a classroom community will be defined by the commonalities that students share, the presence of courteous behavior, and appropriate ways to solve conflicts. These positive relationships all pave the way for a united classroom where students can thrive instead of simmer in various types of disruptive conflicts. When students can […]