Teaching Has a Tall Poppy Problem and It Needs to Change


There are lots of problems in education, big systemic problems, governance problems, structural problems that seem unsolvable sometimes because they’re so deeply rooted in the way things have always be done. And then there are problems that are so darn easy to fix, it’s a wonder they haven’t already been solved. One of those easy […]

“Hey! I just noticed I’m getting an F in your class. What can you do for me?”


Ok, so those of us who instruct teachers-in-training can identify with emails starting out with, “Hey!,” students arriving late for class, texting while you’re talking, having little regard for anyone but themselves, and no idea what is appropriate to wear in public. These students will someday represent your college or training agency as they go […]

Being a Popular Teacher Is Not Always Cool


It’s that bittersweet time of year for teachers everywhere. No matter when you head off to school, you will have to leave your summer days behind. Even if you work a full-time job in the summer months, those sunny days are probably more carefree than when youhave to face a room full of lively students […]

What should a teacher do if they don’t like parts of their curriculum?


This post was originally inspired by an email conversation [email protected] earlier this week, about a high school English teacher who said she no longer wanted to teach Shakespeare because she felt it wasn’t relevant to her students. Also, she happened personally not to like Shakespeare. I found this latter point more disturbing; considering what is […]

Sharing: A Responsibility of the Modern Educator


Cross-posted from In a past post blog I discussed the idea that every educator has a story and that they should share those stories: Educators are doing amazing things with their learners in spite of the standards-based and accountability-driven movements. If all educators publicized the accomplishments they had in their classrooms using technology, hands-on […]

The Gap: What We Think We Know, What We Really Know, What We Do


ONE: This week I learned that I don’t know anything about “rigor,” and apparently I’m not alone. (I would normally say, “I don’t know jack about rigor,” but I’m really trying to be professional here.) When Barbara Blackburn closed her interview with Vicki Davis by saying that there is a broad “lack of understanding of […]

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