Reading Champs!

Speed Reading Hacks!

For the first time, maybe ever, I can’t keep up with my reading. My stack of novels grows, but I don’t speed read these. I savor every word. Reading for information is different, I can adjust my rate to match the material, and routinely do so. I find myself reading a mixture of info-text online, […]

I Am a Shameless Briber of Readers!

Girl reading

I have returned from an incredibly inspiring reading conference. Some of the most notable literacy experts in the country presented. I attended many break-out sessions to increase my knowledge of great literacy practices. I even presented one myself entitled, ”Creating a School-Wide Culture of Literacy.” One of the controversial topics that was addressed often was […]

What Would MLK Say? Making His Dream Come True


Tonight my heart is filled with joy. As we welcome the successes of the New Year, I have faith in the future of our public schools. This is the perfect time to celebrate! Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, January 15this almost here. This date marks my 45th year as a teacher. It doesn’t get better […]

Helping Kids Build Fluency and Joy of Reading!

Reading out loud builds fluency. Just say no to flat, expressionless, boring reading. Say yes to smooth, correctly phrased, lilting lyrical reading! Where do you start? Read to your tummy. No kidding! Next comes lap reading, then keep reading with your child long after that. This is the first step toward building fluency. By modeling […]