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Fun+Free+Nonfiction…What’s Not to Love?


During a field trip several years ago, I watched my students pile off the bus at a rest area. Instead of heading to the snack machines as I expected, however, they stood around a brochure display stand,trading travel pamphlets and discussing tourist attractions with enthusiasm. Intrigued, I began to gather brochures for my classroom. In […]

“Deeper Reading”: Educating Kids from the Inside Out

The best observation—let’s not call it an evaluation, please—came from a colleague as he walked by my room while the class was reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and said in his own self-amazement: “It looks like they’re praying in a synagogue,” which cracked me up for unknown reasons, at least, until I thought about it for […]

Spring Into A Reading Treasure Hunt!


When my kids were younger, I loved hiding those Kinder Surprise easter eggs all over the house. My daughter searched because she loved the yummy outside of those eggs. She must take after her mom, because chocolate was motivating! My sons, however, were more motivated by the toy inside. Theycouldn’t care less about the chocolate […]

Reading instruction in kindergarten: Little to gain and much to lose


A growing chorus of early education professionals are saying that setting standards for reading instruction in kindergarten is going too far.They argue that policies aimed at preparing kids for college through academics at increasingly earlier years is misguided and unsupported by the research. Listen to the radio segment here. Then check out these additional resources: […]

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