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Book Speed Dating

As a proponent of choice reading, I am always looking for ways to get books into the hands of my students and have them build their reading list, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s week than having your students speed date books? Inspired by the speed dating scene in New York where single people […]

Here’s My Reading Comprehension Journey…

Child reading

This will be the fourth and final part of what has turned into an unintentional series of posts on reading comprehension and close reading. Here is what we have covered so far: Part 1: 3 Reasons to Rethink Your Basal Reader Part 2: 2 Huge Reasons to Emphasize Consistent Reading Comprehension Strategies Part 3: Storycasting […]

Storycasting with Reading Comprehension Strategies

In the last post we examined how my district is exploring the use ofconsistent reading strategies throughout elementary and middle school (grades K-8): monitoring comprehension, activating and connecting to background knowledge, questioning, visualizing, inferring, determining importance in text, and summarizing and synthesizing information…And, we took a look at how we could leverage the Notice & […]

Two Huge Reasons to Emphasize Consistent Reading Comprehension Strategies

Currently in my district at the elementary level, we are in the process of strategically moving away from our basal reading program. We’ve already “cut out” its writing component, as this year we’re hitting the ground running with Writing Workshop and the Units of Study. Also, we’ve begun the process of designing our own reading […]

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