Living Dead Girl: student recommended reading

A chilling tale of dealing with abuse, struggling to stay alive. With a title likeLiving Dead Girl, I had no idea what to expect, but when a student hands me a book and says, “I loved this, you should read it;” I make sure I do. So I dove into the first pages of the […]

10 Tips for Growing Bookworms


I believe that all children deserve to grow up with the opportunity to love books and reading. They won’t actually all end up as dedicated readers, of course – kids have all sorts of unique preferences and learning styles. But there are countless gifts that stem from growing up with an enjoyment of reading, from […]

Why I Teach Books with Cursing and Sex


The Things They Carried Brave New World Of Mice and Men Walk in Room 128 on any given day, and my students could be reading these books. Add The Catcher in the Rye to the list if it makes it through our approval process. These books are all on the top 100 most frequently banned […]

Cultivate a Love of Reading in Children

reading joy

In the early childhood world there has been a lot of talk and concern expressed about the “pushdown” of academics into kindergarten and even preschool. And the Common Core kindergarten reading requirements have sparked outrage – particularly the standard stating that every child should be able to read by the end of kindergarten. Standards such […]

Six Words Can Shape a Lesson


Inspired by a project at Smith MagazineSix Word Memoirsare a great tool to use in the classroom. With students feeling the pressure of producing more, turn thae tables on them and have them write less while continuing to use critical thinking skills. Here are some ideas inspired by Six Word Memoirs: Introduction Have students write […]

Why Johnny (and Jenny) Can’t Read

Poor Johnny. Since 1975, we have known about this pesky achievement gap that just won’t go away. Rich kids score better than poor kids in math and reading. While math scores have edged up a bit over the years, reading scores are inching along at a relatively steady pace, to quote Motoko Rich in herNew […]

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