Play-Based vs. Activity-Based Summer Day Camp

This is my first summer without home-based childcare. Although I work from home, keeping my seven-year-old, only child daughter home with me is not a good option because she is (as previously described on my blog) not very good at entertaining herself. I have work that I need to do, and I certainly don’t want […]

Why Are Logical Consequences Such a Foreign Concept?

Recently I had the unique experience of being interviewed by a middle school student. Jacob had found me on the Internet because he was researching recess and wanted to ask some questions for his project. Of course, recess is one of my favorite topics so I agreed to give him some time. What I didn’t […]

Recess Rebuttal: 5 Responses for Common Excuses for Removing Playtime


Quirky confession. When we moved to a new state and were trying to zero in on a place to land, I perused elementary school websites over and over to assess how much time they allowed for recess. That was one of my first factors to compare. It seems like a strange marker for school quality […]

Making the Case for Outdoor Play

Jumping in leaves

Last year I was doing site visits, having been hired to observe PreK to second-grade classrooms and offer suggestions for more active learning. On two different occasions I walked into a room just as the class was scheduled to go outside to recess. But the teachers didn’t feel like going outside – so the kids […]

Fourth Graders Make a Scientific Case for Recess


At her elementary school science fair, my granddaughter explained her poster and experiment with the great fervor an almost ten-year-old can muster. She and her friend, who is in California on a family sabbatical, decided to prove once and for all that recess improves learning, or at least puts students in a receptive mood so […]

What if we trusted kids to be __ ?


Two questions inspired my imagination recently. The first question was, “What if we stopped giving homework?” This question came to mind after reading an article by Heather Holland about a school in New York that decided to stop giving homework. Here is a link to the article: The second question of the day was […]

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