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Helping Your Students Do Efficient Online Research

Our students don’t know the world without the Internet. They spend days and nights on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat but hardly know how to translate all the information into learning. Gen Z doesn’t necessarily think critically about what they find online, and we, as educators, should teach the academic side of the Internet to […]

Becoming a Passionate Learner

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What is the role of a teacher? What kind of lasting effect can I make on my students? How can I spark curiosity and a love of learning? Age old questions that good teachers are constantly asking themselves as they prioritize classroom activities and lessons. Of course, I want my students to be good at […]

More on Hattie and Marzano – We KNOW what works!


“The experience of others is the best classroom you will ever find.”– Warren Buffett From time to time I share information about relevant and timely educational research. in this post I am reprinting excerpts from an earlier post regarding the powerful and influential research findings from John Hattie. The excerpt is from a post on […]

Wikipedia-Wicked or Wonderful?

Professional Development can be the most maddening hours you spend as a teacher or it can lift you to new heights, make your head explode, and completely change the way you think about your classroom. Recently, I was exposed to the head exploding/change the way you think about your classroom type of PD. I learned […]

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