We Have the Research! Let’s Update Our Practices! #Engage109

“Many people die with their music still in them.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes As educators, it’s our job to help them find their music! I think that the superintendent of schools should ensure that all children have access to educational opportunities despite decades of segregation and practices that have overtly and covertly separated children who learn […]

What The Little Prince Can Teach Us About Teaching

Little Prince

I’ve lovedThe Little Princesince I was a child, and with each reading or exposure, I get something more out of it. As a kid, I’m certain I missed some of the symbolism or allegories, but I’m sure I empathized with the fact that I felt adults didn’t always understand me, or have the right priorities. […]

Should Practitioners Ignore Researchers?


Since the start of my career in 2007, I have witnessed some form of educational debate take place on almost a daily basis. And, with the rise of social media – in particular, Facebook and Twitter – these types of conversations are now that much easier to create, engage in, and /or find. The Problem […]

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