responsive teaching

Teachers, Which Mic Will We Choose?


I owned a Grandmaster Flash record. I bought LL Cool J’s Bigger & Deffer cassette tape when it first came out. I’ve seen De La Soul in concert. I thought I knew a little bit about hip hop. Well, it turns out that that is all I know. A little bit. But I am always […]

This Sucks!


This sucks!!! This is awesome!!! If you’re reading this piece and you work with children, then the chances are good that you’ve heard these responses numerous times. The first onewe hate and the second onewe crave. To be quite honest, I hate the first response! It’s flip! It’s rude! And I can’t stand it when […]

The User’s Manual To Design Thinking Your Teaching


I have a confession to make. I’ve become obsessed with Design Thinking. It’s gotten to the point where I “Design Thinking” everything. How do I Design Thinking my lunch? How do I Design Thinking my classroom phone policy? How do I Design Thinking teaching? Teaching? Yep. Let’s do that. What I love about Design Thinking […]

6 Things to Stop Doing in Order to Be a Better Teacher


This list may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many teachers can become oblivious, in the midst of life in the classroom. Let’s take time to think about some of these things we should probably stop doing immediately… 1. Repeating Yourself. Getting into the habit of expecting a response or reaction after a first […]

Total Confusion? What to Do When No One Gets It


One of the most frustrating moments in a teacher’s school day can strike without warning. In the midst of a carefully planned lesson, it is possible for even the very best teachers in a school to experience the sinking feeling that happens as soon as they realize that no one is getting it. No one […]