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Recess Rebuttal: 5 Responses for Common Excuses for Removing Playtime


Quirky confession. When we moved to a new state and were trying to zero in on a place to land, I perused elementary school websites over and over to assess how much time they allowed for recess. That was one of my first factors to compare. It seems like a strange marker for school quality […]

It’s Been One Week…

It’s been one week since I said good-bye to the staff and students of Brookfield Elementary School. It’s been one week since I started as a science teacher and department head atCamden’s Promise Middle School, which is a part of Camden’s Charter School Network. I know that nothing will ever be able to replace the […]

You Get What You Expect

You get what you expect in this world. That is a mantra that I live by, both with raising my children and overseeing students in my school. Having high expectations is paramount to student achievement, good behavior, teacher professionalism, and parent engagement. When I was the principal of a rural high school high in the […]

NEA’s Stand: Just Say No, School-To-Prison Pipeline.


I met Leslie Van Houghten. It’s not something I often talk about. Tonight, it has resonance. There comes a time we must reach deeply into our hearts and souls and reflect on common truths. Recent violent events in our country trouble us all. I know we wake up and wonder what’s happening next to test […]

Time To Get Real…

Transparency Open source

I was recently a guest on the “My Bad” podcast (check it out here)with Jon Harper (follow this guy on Twitterand check out hisEdWords blog, he is the real deal!) and he asked aboutmy new role as a featured blogger forBAM! Radio Networks: EdWords. He asked me if I would be as transparent with my […]

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