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8 Ways to Lead: A Mindset Shift for Teachers

Mention the word, “leader,” and many people conjure up an image of a larger-than-life character who seemingly single-handedly transforms their organization for the better. A leader, as many also erroneously believe, is determined by having a title or position of importance. John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.” Teachers all over […]

9 Nintendo Video Games That Make Me a Better Leader

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I am child of the 80’s which means two things. I am a fan of professional wrestling. I played my Nintendo every day. image credit: Yes, I still play video games, just not as much, but on the days I play them, I do yearn for my 8-bit NES. Looking back, there are some […]

About a song: What does it “mean”?

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As a middle school principal, I make it a point to do informal walkthroughs for at least 40-60 minutes each day (well, that’s the plan anyway). It is the best part of my job to learn alongside teachers and kids throughout the school. I stopped by one of my teacher’s (@bess_murphy) classrooms this week. I’m […]

Three Ways To Embrace Vulnerability


There’s a lot of buzz in education right now about vulnerability. Many are talking about how it impacts leaders and their ability to connect with others, and more are talking about the trust that’s required for school wide risk taking to become a reality. If you ask me, we’re starting the right conversations. One of […]

I’ll Never Bounce Back


They are words parents pray they will never hear: “Jim, you have to go meet the ambulance at the hospital. Now! Katelyn’s coach just called. She said Katelyn fell from the uneven bars and that it is bad! I’ll meet you there.” Click. The voice of my wife disappeared from the car phone speaker overhead. […]

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