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Students Too Dependent on You? Here’s Help


Do your students want to be spoon-fed? Are they constantly demanding your help, calling out your name over and over again? If so, is it possible that you’ve unwittingly contributed to their sense of helplessness? Can learned helplessness be unlearned? Those are among the questions I asked of Starr Sackstein and David Ginsburg on an […]

Leading from the Edge


Many people like to live life in the center, choosing to stay away from the unfamiliar or the extreme. There is something about being in the mainstream, and going with the flow that feels “nice.” There is a certain comfort afforded with this perspective. However, what begins to develop over time, especially in organizations, is […]

Creating the College Bound: Helping high school seniors become college freshmen


Seniors need to grow independence. It takes scaffolding and trust. Creating both allows them to better prepare for what comes next. This column originally ran theUFT’s NY Teacherin the fall 2012. Four years of high school is coming to a close and soon 12th grade students will be taking the first of many steps into […]