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Why Do Teachers Experience Compassion Fatigue?


Towards the end of a Tibetan Buddhism meditation lecture on compassion, a woman in the back row raised her hand and asked, what about compassion fatigue? Before the instructor could reply, the woman added, I am a teacher. I do my best. I care for my students, but it gets to the point when I […]

This is HARD…


I have found my entrance into politics exciting, exhausting, and invigorating. I knew that this would be my most challenging endeavor yet, but this is on another level. This is hard and not just in the ways that one would think. Now, I did not think that running for a seat in the United States […]

Here’s to the Crazy Ones


Sean was one of the first people I interviewed for My Bad. At the time, I barely knew him. We had shared a few voxes and I had read a few of his blog pieces. Right about the time that I was interviewing him he was invited to blog for Edwords, the blogging platform on […]

You Are Golden!


I always say that you can find inspiration anywhere in this world, provided your ears, eyes, and heart are open. I had my brain sparked today while at church with my family. We go to church fairly regularly, even though I do not consider myself a Christian, as I identify most with the tenants of […]

I Slipped, But I’m Back Up


It really shouldn’t be that big a deal, but it has been for the past three summers. And recently it has taken away too much of my positive energy. You see I am currently a vice principal, and for the past three summers this has been the time of year when I have been anxiously […]

And They Never Would


Sometimes there are stories inside of us just waiting to be told. This is my attempt at telling one through the genre of realistic fiction. I imagine each reader will come away with something different. This week I am telling the same story as last week, just from the perspective of a different character. I’ve […]