Opening Doors to Sharing Our Practices


Growing up, I remember some key phrases my mom and dad would tell my brother and me, the most common being, “Amy! Share with your brother!” Today, as a parent, I find myself using that same phrase daily. Whether it be telling my boys to share their toys, share the game, or share a crayon, […]

No Excuses: Why All Teachers Should Blog


With schools placing an even greater emphasis on “interconnectedness” and “global citizenship,” I can think of no better professional-development tool for teachers than writing and sharing their ideas online. Along these lines, I propose a new school position (perhaps “education outreach coordinator”) to teach faculty and staff how to write effectiveposts, pitch stories to media […]

Why Kids Learn More By Not Sharing


As soon as children are old enough to walk, we expect them to share. I prefer putting “share” in quotes, since this type of sharing is usually forced by the adult. Our goals are noble: kindness, generosity, awareness of others. Unfortunately, our approach backfires. Kids learn more life skills — and develop better generosity – […]

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