Teach Them to Listen So They Can Listen to Learn


Listen… Listening, not just hearing but really listening is a skill many students need help with. Some are naturals at it. Others might be bad at it. Truth is many were never taught how to listen effectively. The listening skill affects success in school, work, and relationships. But the question is: How many of us […]

How To Cram Better: What We Don’t Teach In School


Learning is like playing the blues. If you wanna get really good at it and be able to improvise, you must practice playing the blues a lot. You must also understand it. The scales, the chord progressions, the beats, the turnaround, the stories,the mood; the “how to blues.” If you wanna get really good at […]

10 Secrets To Learning Anything


Remember the story of Icarus? Here’s my take… Icarus died, because his father Daedalus was a bad teacher. The youngster flew too close to the sun, causing the wax binding his wings to melt and his body experience terminal velocity before it hit the sea. But his father warned him! you may be thinking. He […]

Hey Students: Schools Are Dead


… but learning isn’t. I wrote my first book, Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom after realizing that most interesting education books are written for adults, and the ones students are forced to use in class mostly suck. They’re not just uninteresting. They are dull and written in some weird […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity, Imagination, and Concentration (Part 2)


Check out Part 2 of my previous post, “Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination.” The upcoming “sparks,” all crucial areas in education, don’t get enough time in our classrooms. They can be used in various ways: a “wake-up call” in the morning to get students thinking and feeling. The prompt can be written on […]

Brain Hacking 202: Help Students Make Sense Out Of Nonsense


We make sense out of the world around us by forming connections in our brains. The more of these connections (information chunks) we have, the easier it is for our neurons to form new connections and understandings. Some concepts presented to young minds in schools are so new that they struggle with the initial understanding. […]

Brain Hacking 201: Moving Information from Working to Long Term Memory


Having things is neat. Some things we need to survive. Others fulfill certain wants. But all things eventually crumble. It is this impermanence of tangible objects that has me convinced a meaningful life is made up of memories not things. Memories become stories we tell our children, grandchildren, and , if we’re lucky, great grand […]

5 Life Skills Schools Don’t Teach


I love what I teach, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. There is definitely something to be said for scholarly endeavor, and for instilling in students a lifelong passion for the liberal arts. All the same, it’s unfortunate that, by comparison, schools place so little stock in teaching kids other highly relevant life skills. […]

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