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It’s Time We Started Telling Little Boys About the Things That Really Matter

I had a conversation with my oldest son last night. He and his family live in Denver, so we chat or FaceTime every Sunday. The conversation turned to sharing our thoughts about recent, sad events going on in our country and elsewhere in the world. He lamented that besides being advocates and trying to make […]

What Responsibility Do We Owe Puerto Rican Students?

Girl students Yabucoa

At this point, it might be useful for us to ask ourselves…what is this act, what is this scene in which action is taking place, what is this agency and what is its purpose?” Ralph Ellison, Lecture to Teachers, 1963 Several years ago I had the opportunity to work in Puerto Rico as an education […]

To My Students…


I became an educator because I wanted to impactthe lives of students in the same ways that my teachers did for me. See, I owe so much to the educators who invested their time, care, and love in me. They saw something in me and never gave up, no matter how many reasons I gave […]

Get Up, Stand up!


There I was, standing in theGettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center staring in awe at the Gettysburg Cycloramapainting while listening to the story of Pickett’s Charge with my students. Hearing the story of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War, with more than 51,000 casualties, immediately made my head spin. Events of thismagnitudeare hard for […]

I Choose Love!


I have experienced so many emotions since learning that 25.5% of this country voted to elect Donald Trump as the next president of our country. Mad, angry, shocked, frustrated, betrayed, scared, and worried are just a few of the feelings that have flooded me. As an educator and a student of human emotion, I understand […]

Creating Safe Spaces


I recently wrote a piece,Breaking the Silence, that detailed some of the tough conversations that I had with my students surrounding race and how the color of our skin impacts how others view us. The response to my piece has been overwhelmingand I have received a lot of support from people all over the world […]

Breaking the Silence…


Last week, I wrote apiece about some looksthat my students receivedon a field trip. It was an eye-opening experience for me that demanded immediate attention and reflection. I shared the piece with my learning network and over all of my social media sites, but how could it end there?How could I create change in the […]

A Toy Truck…


If you have not heardabout the shooting of Charles Kinsey while he was working with a23-year-old autistic patient who was playing with a toy truck,read and watch the videobefore you proceed with this. Caught up? Okay good, let’s talk. My friendJon Harperwrote apiecerecently challenging us to discuss the uncomfortable and begin to have meaningful dialogue […]

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