Soft Skills

Slowing Down: The Soft Skill That Gets Left Behind

We spend our lives planning and hoping for them yet oftentimes the most beautiful moments happen by accident—when we slow down long enough to take in what was right in front of us along. I had to go to another school to pick up work for one of our students. I could have walked. I […]

He Was In The Room


Let me backtrack a little bit to give some context. I got a little bit ahead of myself. To be quite honest, I wanted to pique your interest without giving away too much. But you’ve read this far, so I guess it’s time you know. As I mentioned previously, the photo that she shared had […]

Sweat The Small Stuff To Find Your Teaching Zen


Hey, I have a story for you today. It’s about what happened in my 6th period Chemistry class today. 6th period is the very last of the day at our school, which is ideal for teaching abstract chemistry concepts. Especially today, because the temps hit 80s and all my shorts-and-T-shirt-clad students really wanted to be […]

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