staff morale

Complacency Kills


I just finished reading one of the best books ever.The Operatorby Robert O’Neill is the story of the Navy SEAL who dedicated a good chunk of his life fighting for American freedoms. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it should; he’s the SEAL who fired three rounds into Osama Bin Laden. The boy from Butte, […]

Your Excuses Are Invalid

no excuses

This Might Get Ugly… I’m going to start by fully understanding thevulgar gestures you may want to make towards your computer screen or the nasty emails you mightwrite to meafter reading this, but I think it needs to be said. But I believe that, by the end of this, you will at least partially agree. […]

Good Guy, Bad Guy, or THE Guy?

public speaking

So… here we are again…another summer that flies by, another school year ready to kick off, and another few weeks of thoughts swirling in my head about what exactly to say to the hundreds of staff members who wait for my every last breath.

When All Else Fails


Do you ever feel as a leader that what you are doing just isn’t good enough, that if you only could do more then it would all be better. There are days you question your calling and wonder if you have it in you to continue. It is in those moments that great reflection and […]

Wallpaper at Home and at School


During the 22-inch dropping blizzard of 2016, I was cooking, cleaning, tending to my babies, and even spruce up my ‘man cave’ in the garage. In the midst of cleaning, I found wallpaper. I could not help but to think of all of the horror stories my mother use to share with me about the […]

Dreading Going Back To Work? I Feel Bad For Your Students.


Many of us head back to work tomorrow after a well-deserved break. All of us need time to relax in whatever way relaxing suits one best. Based on catching up with so many over break, the adult coloring books were apparently quite the hit and a major source of relaxation. I was speaking to a […]