Standardized Testing


Today, the first day after the state writing test, was a day of decompressing, reflecting, and celebrating. I began each class with my assessment of how I thought the day had gone. “I’m not allowed to read your work,” I explained. “None of us are. But all of your teachers spent the entire day circulating […]

Is the Bar Too High? ESSA, Scores & Elections


Just my Opinion, but…. JUST SAY NO to standardized testing. It’s time. Right before elections it’s turning into a political football, local, state and federal. At the national level, the leap to ‘for profit’ schools, slaps us into the face of reality. Tests. Lower the bar, fix or dump the tests? A conundrum. Is the […]

Drill Down

standardized test

Today was our second of four days testing kids. Keep in mind that this is only the ninth day of the new school year. I know that teachers must have an idea of the abilities and skills of their students in order to proceed with appropriate instruction during the year. But, with the number of […]

NAEP ’17 Reading: Up, Down or Sideways?

standardized test

Don’t show Mama Our Nation’s Report Card.Not so good. Tonight I’m sharing my opinions, not a major statistical treatise, but I will toss some information into the bowl, like Strega Nona, and let’s mix it up, and put a little honey on top. Tonight I offer heartfelt, plain talk about yesterday’s shocking headlines, or not […]