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Standardized Testing Makes a Brave Child Fearful

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What are we doing to our children? You would think a third grader living with cystic fibrosis who is a competitive swimmer would not be distressed about having to take standardized tests. After all, she handles blood draws, throat cultures, medications, and treatments like a pro. She’s never nervous in a swim meet. Yet the […]

Rorschach Architecture


This past summer I stumbled upon Glenn Beck’s book Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education. Now, I’m not a fan of Beck or his politics and I hadn’t, until that point, been paying much attention to the Common Core debate in the United States. But, having done all of my graduate […]

Students in a Kettle


Last week I posted a copy of a letter I wrote to our State Superintendent of Education on my blog and learned a few things. 1 – The topic of standardized testing is a hot button, and the majority of people think it has gotten out of hand. 2 – While the far majority of […]

What the Tests Don’t Tell Us

It is no secret that today’s youth are tested and re-tested at astounding rates.Ever since the implementation of the 2002No Child Left BehindAct(NCLB) which mandated annual yearly testing for students in all 50 states as a means for measuring progress; teachers, parents, and students have been inundated with a kind oftesting mania. Clara Hemphill in […]

Get Gritty and Grow


Before, when I would hear the word ‘grit’ I would think of John Wayne. A strong, silent figure standing in solidarity with a cigarette and a 5 o’clock shadow; this embodiment of grit refuses to smile and takes no prisoners. Tough and strong, grit is essentially acowboy. So how did my association of the word […]

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