If We Want Global Competencies We Need to Stop Stigmatizing the Arts

There are conversations in all of our lives that we have repeatedly. “Did you brush your teeth? Are you sure?” “Do you have to pee? Please try to go before you put your snow pants on.” “Where is/are your lunch box/agenda/library book/snow pants/mitts?!? The bus is coming!” Clearly, I’m ready for winter to be over, […]

Spark Early Learning with STEAM

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co-authored by Nancy Alvarez and Heid Veal What do you picture when you imagine an ideal early childhood learning experience? Do you see young children sitting quietly at tables, independently completing school work or do you visualize them in various groups exploring, creating, pretending, tinkering, and communicating? The later is what the majority imagine and […]

Storybook Reading: Creating a Better World

I was excited to read Peter Gray’s blog post about the importance of reading stories to young children. This practice has been singled out, with good reason, to be crucial to future literacy. There is more to story reading than cuddles and close relationships, he writes, though these are essential for human growth and development, […]

Play-Based vs. Activity-Based Summer Day Camp

This is my first summer without home-based childcare. Although I work from home, keeping my seven-year-old, only child daughter home with me is not a good option because she is (as previously described on my blog) not very good at entertaining herself. I have work that I need to do, and I certainly don’t want […]

From Dream to STEAM: Guided STEAM Learning Through Play

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What started as a dream has become a reality! One short year ago, our campus, Lawson Early Childhood School, began its journey from Dream to STEAM. Our campus recognized the growing need to provide uniquely designed STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) experiences for our 3, 4, and 5 year old students and began imagining […]

Plan a Family STEAM Night!


It has recently become more common to add the “A”, or art, to STEM education to make it STEAM education. It is not only a popular trend in education, but it also makes a lot of sense! The world is not sectioned off into subject specific experiences! Learning all of these skills together engages the […]

STEM Guide for Teachers

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You’ve probably noticed that STEM and STEAM are really buzzy terms in the field of education these days. If you are new to the teaching field, or even a veteran ready to liven up your lessons, then this is a great time to leap into STEM. However, as an already very busy teacher, it can […]

Mic Dropping (Again) at the White House

Never did I ever think there would be a ‘partdeux‘ to blogging about speaking in The White House, until it happened again. Most people don’t get invited to the White House, let alone twice. It’s humbling, it’s surreal, it’s one of those experiences that you get to share with your kids and their kids. About […]

It’s Been One Week…

It’s been one week since I said good-bye to the staff and students of Brookfield Elementary School. It’s been one week since I started as a science teacher and department head atCamden’s Promise Middle School, which is a part of Camden’s Charter School Network. I know that nothing will ever be able to replace the […]

Making Makes a Difference

It is amazing what happens when kids start using their creativity and making something related to their learning. I had a bit of an epiphany today as I was responding to some questions a former student was asking as part of her Intro to Education class that requires 15 hours of teacher observation. The questions […]

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