Sing Me a Story

Many years ago, teaching pre-k students about stories, and story structure, it occurred to me that since my students sang their made-up songs in dramatic play, I should share the grown-up version of stories that are sung. That is how teaching opera to young children was born in our classroom. The opera by Englebert Humerdinck, […]

The Masks We Wear


When you look at this photo what do you see? Are you sure? What if I were to tell you that at the moment this photo was taken my daughter had a terrible migraine and my son was as happy as could be? It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true. We oftentimes make […]

The Stories Worth Telling


You probably would not expect it. But then again, why wouldn’t you? The story I am about to tell you is about two brothers. One big and one small. It all began one morning before school. Two brothers rode their bikes to school. I may be wrong, but I couldn’t recall them ever riding their […]

Master Teachers Tell Stories


My husband is a master teacher and people often ask him what it is that he does that gets such great results. I think it is his storytelling ability that garners him such success, both with student achievement and also found within the relationships he builds with his middle school students. Parents often remark to […]

That I Can Do


My daughter and I took a “Photo Walk” today. With camera and iPhone in hand we did our best to capture the world around us. Sometimes I see more when I am moving. Sometimes I see more when I am not. We were successful in capturing many of Nature’s majestic beauties. From butterflies to flowers […]