5 Steps To Better Memory And Understanding


Practice makes permanent. This is what we’ve become conditioned to say in recent years. It’s a true statement no doubt, but what kind of practice are we talking about? And, how do we teach our students to practice to attain better memory, understanding, and ultimately deeper learning? Here’s the method I use: 1. Get Good […]

I’m Pretty Weird, But The Universe Is Big Enough For All Of Us


I was a weird child. Once in second grade, I wore underwear to school thinking they were shorts. I remember that red pair of underwear. Rubber band drawn through waist. White numbers figuring prominently. Swag. As an adult, I am still weird. In an adult sort of a way. I mean, I don’t wear just […]

Help Students Deal With Stress

Stressed student

Stress Impairs. Stress Damages. Stress Kills. Stress stinks really bad. Fear, anxiety, shame, powerlessness, hopelessness.These are all feelings that can lead to stress. But are they real? And, can we control them? Let’s find out. Remember these 3 choices when facing stress: Change It. Exert influence wherever and however you can. Leave It. While walking […]

This Commercial Represents a Huge Instructional Leadership Problem

solutions istock I absolutely love the first 20 seconds of this commercial, as it represents what I believe is one of the most widespread problems in “Instructional Leadership” (not that I haven’t been guilty at various points in time). Here we have a pest monitor (administrator) entering into a house (classroom), declaring there is a problem […]

Learn to Teach: 3 Insights from A Day Out on the Lower Bay

LEARN TO TEACH isn’t a declarative or imperative. I’m not slamming your approach or telling you I’ve got the goods on classroom management, pedagogical mindset, or a million other things you probably have a better handle on than I do. I’m lucky enough to do the work I do and so are you.LEARN TO TEACH […]

Fight For Their Right: The First Lesson I Learned From A 2 Year Old


This is a follow up post to “Breaking Sticks: Awesome Life Lessons From A 2 Year Old” in which I will relay how I plan to, and you might as well if you are a parent or an educator, apply these lessons in my roles as a father and a teacher. Please click on the […]

Creating World Class Readers And Scholars, Why Not?


Our littlest just asked me if I could stop writing and be with her and mama during story time. She is newly five, a leftie and has the basics of reading, writing and counting. We play school a lot and she is also frequently a librarian. Every “lesson” revolves around books. But not all kids […]

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